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Application Controller

See Core J2EE Patterns, 2nd Edition for full description of this pattern and its strategies.


You want to centralize and modularize action and view management.


  • You want to reuse action and view-management code.
  • You want to improve request-handling extensibility, such as adding use case functionality to an application incrementally.
  • You want to improve code modularity and maintainability, making it easier to extend the application and easier to test discrete parts of your request-handling code independent of a web container.


Use an Application Controller to centralize retrieval and invocation of request-processing components, such as commands and views.

Class Diagram

Sequence Diagram


  • Command Handler Strategy
  • View Handler Strategy
  • Transform Handler Strategy
  • Navigation and Flow Control Strategy
  • Message Handling Strategies
  • Custom SOAP Message Handling Strategy
  • JAX RPC Message Handling Strategy


  • Improves modularity
  • Improves reusability
  • Improves extensibility

Related Patterns

  • Front Controller
    A Front Controller uses an Application Controller to perform action and view management.
  • Service Locator
    A Service Locator performs service location and retrieval. A Service Locator is a coarser object, often uses sophisticated infrastructure for lookup, and doesn’t manage routing. It also doesn’t address view management.
  • Command Processor [POSA1]
    A Command Processor manages command invocations, providing invocation scheduling, logging, and undo/redo functionality.
  • Command Pattern [GoF]
    A Command encapsulates a request in an object, separating the request from its invocation.
  • Composite Pattern [GoF]
    A Composite represents objects as part-whole hierarchies, treating individual objects and compositions of objects uniformly.
  • Application Controller [PEAA]
    Martin Fowler’s description of Application Controller [PEAA] seems to focus on controlling a user’s navigation through an application using a state machine, as described in the Navigation and Flow Control strategy. However, the Application Controller [PEAA] and our documentation of Application Controller have the same core intent.
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